Android App Development – 6 Advantages of Using Android OS

Proper functioning of mobile applications depends largely on the OS that is powering them. A robust operating system enables the app to utilize its valuable built-in capabilities thereby contributing significantly in improving the latter's performance. Notably, Android OS lives up to all these qualities and has been acting as the powerhouse for a majority of smartphones and the contained apps. The following article delves deeper into the details of this operating system and brings into limelight some of the prominent benefits it has over the contemporary players in the mobile app development market. Major advantages SDK: The Android software development kit (SDK) is a big boon for developers since it encompasses best of the facilities that a programmer requires for android app development. The toolkit comprises a rich selection of API libraries and development tools to create, test and debug the application. Available online free of cost, it helps actively in bringing the development cost for the app to an all-time minimum thereby passing on the benefit directly to the end users. Better privacy: With Android phones, privacy takes a big leap since the users get the facility to perform multiple operations such as data syncing, backing up important information, and so on. This is among the dominant factors to motivate the people use android phones in profusion. Likewise, the development also involve concerted practices such as signature verification, code obfuscation, protecting Google Play public key, etc. All these steps come handy in avoiding intrusions from malicious hackers while accessing the app as well as during financial transactions. Open source: For android development, programmers can use various open source libraries to leverage the desired code and customize it as per the specific requirement. With apt utilizations of this facility, apps can don attractive, appealing and interactive appearance. It also leads to enhanced usability of mobile apps for non-technical users. Easy to operate: With Android OS backing up a smartphone, users need not try too hard to use its various functionality. Reliability, simplicity and lesser crashing chances are among the added advantages that enable the use of applications very simple. Besides these, interoperability is also an important factor that endorses easy operations in Android phones. High technology support: Android phones consist of robust technology features. Developers hence program the apps in such a manner so that the latter can leverage best of Android OS capabilities comfortably. Be it the support for 2D/3D graphics, Java language, 3PG, MP4, etc. or social networking integration, the apps can make best use of all such facilities for a better user experience. Affordable: Android Phones mostly have Google Play pre-installed that helps the users to download, try and test the apps easily. Moreover, unlike iOS, most of the Android apps are available at no extra cost except for the in-app purchases in some case. Hence, be it to play any exciting game, use a business app or check out the metro train timings via any metro app, users can do it all free of cost. The facilities of all these apps are also available offline, which is yet another plus point with android app development.