How Will You Promote Your Mobile Apps?

The fun of owning a smartphone is that you can go about downloading as many applications as you want. But with zillion mobile applications out there, it becomes quite a task to choose that one mobile app that best suits your requirement. So, if you are a mobile app developer and you need to get your voice heard and application seen in this rather congested marketplace, promoting your mobile applications is imperative and you need to do it extremely smartly as well. Here is how you can do a few things to get your mobile application downloaded by people like me! What is in a name you say? Everything, if you are talking about a mobile app. There are certain "salient features" that need to be integrated when coming up with a mobile application name. It has to stand out. There are no two ways about it. One of the most interesting names that exist in application domain is SoundHound. There should be no doubt about what the application is all about! Don't step on any trademark toes while you are at it! Get "classy" with your application When you go through the list of applications out there, you should be looking at the category, which has not been covered. Therefore you can create a mobile application in a different class of its own. For instance, gaming apps are the most difficult categories to get into but most successful as well. So if you are able to create a mobile game that stands apart from the rest in its class then you have a winner for sure. Paint a juicy picture When users go through information on mobile applications they are faced with a couple of things right away. One is the icon of your mobile application, second is the name of your mobile application and the third is the screenshot. You have to pack a wealth of information and interest in all three aspects. The write up of your mobile application should also be extremely snazzy and should be able to excite the user and encourage him to download the same. Talk about it You need to use every opportunity to shout about your application. Go all out and market your app in blogs, social media accounts, talk about promotional codes, make nice with journalists and online writers who talk about mobile applications. You need to talk about major bug fixes and updates. Updates are extremely important The mobile application downloader is a very fickle person. He or she is likely to get bored extremely quickly even with the most interesting of mobile applications. Therefore, you should talk about and bring about updates to your application in order to keep their interest going. You should also ensure that these updates are highlighted in the application store as well. Video it A single picture is definitely worth a thousand words and a video is probably worth a thousand pictures! So go all-out to create snappy application videos that will tell your potential users what your application is all about and how they can use it to enrich their lives.