Guard Buddy Security Guard Application

It is understandable that proper documentation is extremely essential to every business. All business related information must be accurately recorded, including those that are related to the company's safe and security. If you have noticed, most private offices, if not all, are loaded with different kinds of forms and papers. With millions of companies and institutions in this world, it is pretty hard to imagine how many papers are used and wasted every second. There might not be an ordinance restricting them from using tons of paper materials every single day, but, it will be a big help in the promotion of tree preservation if they will try to limit their use of paper based documents and just keep their records electronically. There are many document management software or mobile and web application available nowadays. But there are some company owners and managers that are skeptical in using this method and still choose to stick with the conventional way of documenting. Software based document management may just sound complicated but the truth is that it can provide a lot of benefits. The Guard Buddy is probably the first security officer note pad mobile application ever made. It can be downloaded to mobile phones with either android or iOS operating system. The application supports paperless environment, while offering convenience to security guards throughefficient and comprehensive reporting. This could also allow companies and industrial firms to reduce their stationary expense. How To Use Guard Buddy Security Reporting App Creating new job - Since security guards can be deployed anywhere within the premises, as well as to other branches or jobsites, the guard buddy will let them create new jobs complete with company name, address, phone numbers, company logo, and email address. Creating new report -once the security officer finished filling out the company information, he will need to click on the "Patrol Quick Note" where he can key in brief description of the job such as "spotted graffiti in gate 2" and so on. For more detailed security reporting, add the time and date of arrival and departure in the area. The security official will also give an option to add up to 5 photos with caption or description. Once done, click on the "next" button and he will be directed to another page where he can write additional details or comments about the job. Retrieving completed jobs - completed jobs may still be viewed or accessed under the "closed jobs" portion of the security guard report application. Closed jobs are listed chronologically, which means, the user will definitely not have hard times looking for a specific jobs.